Helle’s Dynamite Doubles system defines the roles and responsibilities of each player of a doubles team in a simple yet very powerful way.

The key is a system of play that answers the 4 big questions about doubles tennis:

1. What should I have done?

2. Where should I have been?

3. How could I have gotten that?

4. Whose was that?

Each player has a role to play and a certain place to be on the court at any given time, and the system teaches you both how to play offense as well as defense.

When you cover 100% of the court, you at least have a chance to get to every ball the opponents hit which brings hope and excitement to your team. The two partners’ responsibilities are shared so each player knows at any given time, which part of the court is theirs to defend. They know who takes the lob,  the middle  ball as well as the passing shot, so trust develops between the partners and true joy, relaxation and smooth teamwork begin to be the normal feelings on the court,  rather than frustration, bitterness or a sense of  isolation.

A strong defense is often the best offense. when you are able to defend your GAP while exploiting the opponents’ you are way ahead of the game.

By playing high percentage tennis and covering all the high percentage shots from the opponents, you will only get beat if 1) they make all the low percentage shots or if 2) you have trouble executing the various shots that you actually are in position to hit. If 2 is the case, take a lesson or go on the ball machine and get that particular shot stronger and more reliable.

This is a fun way of playing doubles and opponents won’t know what happened to them.

Doubles is like a dance: smooth, flowing and beautiful. Please keep that in mind as you are out there slugging away and trying to make the right moves in harmony with your partner.

Defend your part of the court – while exploiting and attacking opponents’ gap and openings.

Study the book to get this concept and you will play Dynamite Doubles soon too. Know your Homes and Zones on the court and learn to hit your targets (triangles or diamonds) from anywhere on the court.

This website seeks to expand upon the Dynamite Doubles book, utilizing videos and technology to help you quickly understand and implement winning doubles strategy.  We’ve opened the door for Q & A, so feel free to “Ask Coach Helle” or join our Facebook Group to see how others use the Dynamite Doubles Tennis System to score big!