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Myth Buster: Short to Short/Deep to Deep?

Helle dispels the myth that it’s always smart to play “deep to deep/short to short”. If the Terminator hits cross-court (“short to short”) but doesn’t put it away, they will lose that point 100% because they are now in “wrong-way Wanda” position. If the Terminator can’t “terminate”, it behooves her to hit it straight in front of herself to maintain her team’s positioning.

Terminator’s Position Depends on Lob or Drive

Helle shows how the position of the Terminator in offense matches the depth of the ball; if the ball is hit deep to the baseline to the opponents, the Terminator would expect a lob and move back; if the ball is short, she would move closer to the net expecting a drive.

Planning for the Lob: The “Fade”



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